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Michigan families are reminded about local adoption

Many Michigan couples dream of starting a family. But a family looks different for everyone. For any number of reasons, some parents may choose to create a family through the adoption process.

Bringing home children from another country is a common option for many parents once they choose to adopt. Children around the world need loving homes but it is also important to remember that there are many children within one's own community that may also need a new family. Plus, there may be additional benefits to adopting locally.

Working within a close community may move the adoption process along more quickly than working with international adoption agencies. The quick turnaround means that children are removed from potentially bad situations faster.

Regardless of what route parents choose when it comes to adoption there are bound to be some struggles. It will take time for children to transition to their new family and vice versa although there may be less of a culture shock for children who are adopted into their own local environment rather than from another country.

Once parents decide on local or international adoption, there is also the choice of an open or closed adoption. Working with the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, parents who opt for open adoption can allow the child to have contact with biological parents. The level of openness and the boundaries set are up to each family, except that Michigan does have the ability to enact a a zero contact rule for children with fully terminated parents. If adoptive parents are ever unsure about how to pursue an adoption or what the process entails, a Michigan adoption law firm can be a good resource.

Source: The Burton View, "The Overlooked Adoption Option," Carrie RaCosta, April 2, 2014

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