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Rapper seemingly loses child custody battle

In this day and age, the reality simply is that some Michigan parents may not always stay together to raise their children. Parents get divorced, break up, or simply decide to go their separate ways. But even with this divide, parents are still responsible for their children, in some way or another. Child custody is an issue that must be decided, often in conjunction with an award of child support.

Judges look at many different factors when considering how to divide child custody between two parents. A judge will listen to the parent’s sides but always focus on what is best for the child or children involved.

The well-known rapper and music artist, Ludacris, may feel like the judge that presided over his recent child custody and support case did not listen to his side of the story as much as he would have liked. Ludacris has a 4-month-old daughter with his former girlfriend. The mother filed for child support and the court appointed a guardian ad litem. The purpose of a guardian ad litem in these cases is to appoint someone who will represent the interests of the child.

The court’s ruling may appear less favorable to the father in this instance. Ludacris must pay his ex-girlfriend a substantial amount of money in addition to paying for her attorney’s fees. The rapper claimed that his ex-girlfriend was intentionally impugning his good name publicly and tried to hold her in contempt of court. The judge apparently did not agree and instead ordered Ludacris to pay an additional $2,000 fees related to those allegations. Ludacris is ordered to pay for the guardian ad litem and $35,000, among other things, thereby siding with Fuller’s request.

Whenever an order that is not agreeable is passed by court, Michigan parents may still have some recourse after an order is handed out. Parents can request modification of a child custody or support determination, especially if there has been a change in the family circumstances that would warrant such a modification. A Michigan child support attorney can assist with this process.

Source: Michigan Chronicle, “Judge In Ludacris Custody Case Orders Rapper To Pay $35,000 To His Child’s Mother,” April 10, 2014