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May 2014 Archives

Child support legislation looks to Michigan casinos

The state of Michigan has a few ways to ensure that parents follow through with their responsibilities to care for their children financially. If parents are ordered to pay child support and choose to not make those payments, the state can garnish their wages, suspend their license and even put them in jail for non-payment. In addition to wage garnishment, the state may soon have the authority to collect any winnings from Michigan casinos, and use those winnings to cover any owed child support.

Do not forget about Social Security after a divorce

Most Michigan residents have a basic understanding of Social Security, or at least realize that Social Security payments come out of every paycheck that they earn. The benefits of paying into the Social Security system often do not come until later in life when a person has reached retirement age. If people are relying to a certain extent on these benefits to help during retirement, it is important to understand how a divorce may impact the expected amounts.

Custody and visitation rights discussion over an unborn child

When parents get a divorce, the focus may inevitably turn to who gets custody of their children. There are various issues to decide post-divorce or separation, including legal custody, physical custody, shared parenting time and visitation rights. Each family is different and therefore not every custody determination is the same, although every determination should consider the best interests of the children involved.

Non-anonymous donation at center of paternity dispute

Even in recent history, pinpointing parentage was usually an easy task. But given technological advances with conception, including artificial insemination, surrogacy and anonymous sperm donation, determining the legal father of a child may no longer be such a simple question. The matter is even further complicated by a new trend of non-anonymous sperm donation. Michigan men and women who are considering anonymous or non-anonymous donation for whatever reason should pay close attention to the surrounding legal issues.

Michigan candidate held in contempt related to divorce

Ending a marriage is a different experience for every couple. Some couples divorce with grace and understanding, while others are simply not able to put their disagreements aside for the purpose of reaching an amicable settlement. And apparently even our Michigan politicians and lawmakers are susceptible to this emotional downfall.

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