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Custody and visitation rights discussion over an unborn child

When parents get a divorce, the focus may inevitably turn to who gets custody of their children. There are various issues to decide post-divorce or separation, including legal custody, physical custody, shared parenting time and visitation rights. Each family is different and therefore not every custody determination is the same, although every determination should consider the best interests of the children involved.

After living with and raising their children, it’s extremely difficult for many Michigan mothers and fathers to consider giving up time with their kids, much less losing parental rights altogether. This is a possibility that now faces well-known talk show host, Sherri Shepherd. Except that she has not even met her child yet.

Shepherd is expecting her son on June 28. She and her husband of three years, Lamar Sally, are using a surrogate mother in order to bear a child. Unfortunately, the couple is now getting a divorce. Sally also works in television as a TV writer.

Sally filed for legal separation at the beginning of May. He cannot yet file for divorce until he fulfills the six-month residency requirement in California. As part of his filing, Sally requested spousal support from Shepherd. And even though their child is not yet born, Sally wants full legal and physical custody of the child. The soon-to-be-exes already know they are having a son and have named him. The father only wants Shepherd to have visitation rights. To make matters messier, Sally claims that the couple’s prenuptial agreement is not valid because of fraud. To address all of these legal claims, including the child custody matter, Sally has teamed up with a renowned lawyer to the stars.

Michigan residents contemplating divorce may be well served by seeking the advice of a family law attorney. A lawyer can help assess the situation and develop legal arguments that support not only the party’s best interests, but also those of any children involved.

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