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Royalty garnishment in rapper’s child support case

Despite its name, child support is often very parent-focused. Child support discussions revolve around what the parent makes, how much they can pay, and all too often, why the parents are not making the support payments. But at the end of the day, child support in Michigan should be about the children. Children have a right to financial support to cover their basic needs and everyday expenses. If parents are not fulfilling their responsibilities to provide this support, then sometimes the state may intervene.

There are different ways to pursue child support enforcement in Michigan. Usually, a court order is handed down that requires one or the other parent to pay a certain amount in support. If the order is ignored, then the state can start to garnish a person’s wages in order to collect the money or revoke certain license privileges, like driving, until back payments are made. In extreme situations, a parent may even receive jail time for non-payment.

One famous rapper is currently the target of one of the methods of child support enforcement. His ex-wife recently requested that DMX’s royalty checks from his music business be garnished in order to cover his support obligations. The ex-wife’s request was approved.

DMX is supposed to pay $15,000 each month in support. The child support order gives a break down on how that monthly amount is to be allocated. The former couple has four children together. However, DMX has other children, so his support obligations do not end with his ex-wife. He must also provide for these other children as well.

Support payments can quickly add up, especially if there are a number of children or children from different relationships. Regardless of the situation, children do have a right to the financial support. An Oakland County child support attorney can give guidance both for parents who are collecting support and for those parents who may be the target of wage garnishment. In the end, the best situation or agreement is one that both parents can fulfill and that provides for the children.

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