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The new trend in family law: stress-free divorce

It’s the goal of every divorce attorney to make sure that the process is as amicable and stress-free as possible for their clients. Unfortunately, much of this is left up to the parties involved and how they choose to handle the split. Over the years, the divorce process has generated a bad reputation for heated arguments and bitter disputes over the most miniscule details.

Michigan residents should be relieved to hear that a recent trend in divorce is pushing couples toward a more peaceful procedure. The trend was highlighted of late when one celebrity couple announced their “conscious uncoupling.” Although the pair received plenty of backlash for that terminology, experts say there might be something to this more amicable approach.

For one, less than five percent of today’s divorces head to trial. Most states require mediation or arbitration as the first step. This allows couples to reach agreements on their own, without intervention from a judge or court necessarily. Mediators act as a neutral third party, who are there to keep everyone calm and facilitate the discussion. Many mediators even have experience in the mental health field, which allows them to better understand each party’s emotions and the dynamics involved.

This newfound approach to divorce is important because it sets a much better tone for the future. What many couples and parents forget is that even though the marriage is over, the parties are forever tied to each other in some way, especially when children are involved. If parents can come up with a plan for co-parenting that they both like and agree to uphold, that is the best possible outcome for families. Plus, no one wants to harbor angry feelings against an ex-spouse forever.

Parents and children will be better equipped and prepared to move on if the divorce goes more smoothly. But there are serious legal matters at play, such as property division and child custody. If either person is concerned about protecting themselves during the divorce, it is still a good idea to seek assistance from a Farmington Hills divorce lawyer.

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