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Michigan Attorney General releases guide on military family law

Family law is a very critical area of the law because it deals with many personal and emotional issues. Families are at the center of the lives of many Michigan residents, and that is why it is so important that people understand the laws and how they apply to them.

United States service members are not immune from family law issues, but there are often special rules and requirements that apply to military situations. Take divorce, for example. A military divorce is not different from a civilian divorce in that oftentimes couples decide to end their marriage. But, the actual military divorce process may look quite different. Service members may deal with matters that impact compliance or service of process, as well as jurisdictional issues and dividing military pensions. Also, both state and federal laws govern a military divorce, whereas civilian divorces are governed by state law only.

Military divorce laws cover these differences, but the law may not always be completely clear for service members or their families. That is why Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette recently introduced the Michigan Guide to Military Family Law, which is one of two legal services guides provided for Michigan military families. The other guide is specific to Michigan veterans.

The resources were developed for military families, keeping a focus on the unique challenges and issues they face, including relocation, deployment and time away from friends and family. The legal guide touches on family law issues in order to help service members. The hope is that the guide will also be a valuable resource for those in the legal profession who may be advising the service members or their families.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Schuette introduces military guides to help Michigan veterans, families,” David Jesse, July 17, 2014