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Michigan woman reacts poorly during custody dispute

Nothing elicits more emotion from parents than a custody battle. When faced with the prospect of losing custody or visitation time with a child, parents can react with heated and rash decisions. Unfortunately, one woman from Kalamazoo, Michigan recently let her emotions get the best of her.

In the middle of a child custody fight, the woman tried to exact revenge on her former boyfriend’s new girlfriend. She decided to post a picture of the girlfriend, along with her contact information, on an adult website that offers online prostitution.

The former couple was in the middle of a custody battle in December of 2013 when the posting occurred. The woman was charged with unlawful posting of a message. The Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s office dismissed one of the counts, while the woman pleaded no contest to the second count. The felony charge carried a potential sentence of two years in prison, but the Kalamazoo County Circuit Court judge agreed to a lesser punishment. The woman will not spend any more time in jail, as she already had served two days, but must pay state fees.

There has been no mention as to how this case will impact the underlying child custody battle, but retaliatory action, or criminal action, does not look favorably on a parent involved in such a dispute. As difficult as these custody and support disputes may be, parents must keep their focus on their children, because the judge is also going to focus on the best interests of the child.

Additionally, bickering between parents and utilizing revengeful tactics will only hurt the children who must stand by and watch the fighting. The sooner that parents can reach an agreement on custody and support, the better it will be for the entire family’s well-being. A Michigan child custody attorney can serve as a voice of reason during this process and advise parents on how to approach a custody dispute in a way that will be most beneficial in the end.

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