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September 2014 Archives

The importance of responding to a Michigan divorce petition

Michigan divorce may come as a surprise, especially if the decision to end a marriage is not mutual. When one party decides to file for divorce, the other party may be surprised once the petition is sent. Just like other lawsuits, the person who receives the divorce petition, also called a defendant or respondent, has to respond and answer the petition.

Understanding a family assessment during the adoption process

Adopting a new child into a family is certainly a joyous occasion. The steps leading up to that joy, however, can be stressful, complicated and involve several different factors. One such element Michigan residents may want to understand more completely is the family assessment.

Establishing paternity in Michigan

The dynamics of Michigan families can be diverse. While some families might be more traditional and consist of a mother, a father and one or more children, others might have only one parent, a stepparent or a relative raising the children. No matter who takes on the role of a parent, the child's best interests are always the focus when it comes to who has custody and who provides child support.

Establishing child support during dissolution in Michigan

When children are involved in a divorce between Michigan residents, parents might face disputes regarding the upbringing of their children. Our firm understands the importance of ensuring financial support is awarded to the parent who requires it in order to raise a child. Not all divorcing parents can see to eye on numerous divorce issues, and reaching a child support agreement could be challenging for some.

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