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Establishing child support during dissolution in Michigan

When children are involved in a divorce between Michigan residents, parents might face disputes regarding the upbringing of their children. Our firm understands the importance of ensuring financial support is awarded to the parent who requires it in order to raise a child. Not all divorcing parents can see to eye on numerous divorce issues, and reaching a child support agreement could be challenging for some.

When parents prepare to go through the divorce process, they must also prepare their children as well. Even during dissolution, a parent might require financial assistance. In Michigan, a parent could file for an interim child support order. This could be used to cover the needs of the child during the divorce process.

It is not always easy for parents to reach an agreement regarding the amount of child support to be paid each month. If the divorcing parents cannot reach an agreement on their own, the Michigan courts could use a child support formula to determine the proper amount. While the court can use discretion when utilizing the formula, it is important that parents note how this formula is used and how an amount is reached.

While it is clear that child support payments could last until the child turn 18-years-old or 19.5-year-old if they are still residing with a custodial parent and are attending school full-time, the amount paid each month could change. As a child ages their circumstances could change. They might require more funds to pay for after school activities and sports.

Furthermore, substantial changes in circumstances could occur. The income of the custodial or non-custodial parent could significantly increase or decrease. Changes in income could impact the ability to pay child support or change the lifestyle and needs of the child. These factors should be considered if modification is sought.

Determining an appropriate child support agreement could be difficult during the divorce process. Our firm’s child support overview could help parents understand their rights and options. This could help them reach an agreement and keep their focus on the best interests of the child.