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October 2014 Archives

Mary Mahoney plays key role in employment case involving marijuana

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently interpreted state laws to determine whether an employee who possesses a medical marijuana card and is discharged after failing a drug test may be denied unemployment benefits.

We use different approaches to solving child-custody disputes

Family law issues concerning children are difficult to deal with, especially for parents. In the event of divorce, for example, child custody issues may well arise if there are minor children. Discussions over custody and visitation rights can heighten both parties' emotions.

How to deal with divorce -- basic tips and information

When a person gets married, that person does not expect that the marriage will end in divorce. However, divorce is a reality that often hits married couples by surprise. Some divorces are planned by one spouse while the other spouse is surprised when they are served divorce papers. For readers who are currently in the middle of a divorce for the first time, here is an introduction on divorce and some basic steps that may help them along the way.

Paternity overview for Michigan residents

Paternity issues can arise when a child is born to unwed parents. The question regarding the child's biological father may come up once the child is born. In some cases, the father voluntarily acknowledges that the child is his, thus not requiring a court hearing to establish paternity. However, not all cases are like that. According to paternity dispute lawyers, paternity must be established so the custodial parent can earn the right to seek child support from the biological father.

What are some of the Michigan legal issues attached to divorce?

The process of divorce is not as easy as getting married. Both parties have to discuss a number of issues before the divorce is finalized, or the divorce decree is signed. If it is your first time planning a divorce, you should familiarize yourself with the divorce issues, starting with property division.

Child support: it should be fair and just

Farmington Hills Child Support Enforcement Attorneys understand the challenges of dealing with child support issues. Child support not only concerns the noncustodial supporting parent, but also the custodial parent who will eventually receive the support. Generally, child support should be enough to cover the daily expenses of the children and the support payments will only stop once the child is emancipated or reaches the age of 18.

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