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Child support: it should be fair and just

Farmington Hills Child Support Enforcement Attorneys understand the challenges of dealing with child support issues. Child support not only concerns the noncustodial supporting parent, but also the custodial parent who will eventually receive the support. Generally, child support should be enough to cover the daily expenses of the children and the support payments will only stop once the child is emancipated or reaches the age of 18.

Parents need to understand that the goal of child support is to provide for the everyday expenses of the children. The amount should not be so high that it would greatly affect the standard of living of the supporting parent, but it should also not be too low so that is not enough to cover the daily expenses of the children. Courts use a formula when calculating child support to achieve these goals.

Still, parents can deviate from using the formula if they can prove that the formula is not applicable to their unique circumstances. A parent should also know that a child support order can be subjected to modification. If the existing amount is not enough for the growing needs of the children, the custodial parent may request an increase in the amount. The supporting parent, on the other hand, may also seek to decrease the amount in the event of certain circumstances, such as unemployment or other unexpected life changes.

Child support issues in Michigan can be difficult to understand without legal guidance. Our experience in handling child support issues over the years has made us one of the most sought after legal firms in the Detroit area. If people have queries or questions regarding child support, they may speak with a knowledgeable legal professional who is adept in handling these types of cases.

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