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How to deal with divorce — basic tips and information

When a person gets married, that person does not expect that the marriage will end in divorce. However, divorce is a reality that often hits married couples by surprise. Some divorces are planned by one spouse while the other spouse is surprised when they are served divorce papers. For readers who are currently in the middle of a divorce for the first time, here is an introduction on divorce and some basic steps that may help them along the way.

First, divorcing couples have to understand that divorce is often not a simple legal process. The process itself can bring out the good and bad in the divorcing couple, which is why it is important to keep their emotions in check as they deal with the legal issues that will arise. Second, it is important to create a plan once the divorce papers are served. Spouses should create a budget, open a separate bank account and prepare to move out of the house to avoid issues. Third, documentation is important. Making copies of important documents and photograph property and assets such as a car, house, artwork and other valuables is necessary. Store the documents somewhere safe as they will be needed throughout the divorce.

Fourth, divorcing spouses should create a record after the date of separation. If the divorce papers were served today, tomorrow will be the start of the date of separation. Spouses can create a record of their expenses through a personal journal. This journal can be used in court hearings to prove that they have not been overspending and that they have continued to maintain their lifestyle after the divorce papers were served.

Finally, spouses have to understand that divorce is a legal process. Without the right help, divorcing spouses may be prone to make decisions that could affect their post-divorce lives.

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