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We use different approaches to solving child-custody disputes

Family law issues concerning children are difficult to deal with, especially for parents. In the event of divorce, for example, child custody issues may well arise if there are minor children. Discussions over custody and visitation rights can heighten both parties’ emotions.

However, parents should remember that child custody is not about them: It is about the best interests of their children. If parents were to consult Michigan Child Custody Attorneys, they would be told that it is best to control their emotions and focus on the issue at hand. Failure to do so can prolong the process, making it more difficult for the children caught in between.

Oakland County Child Custody Lawyers understand how challenging child-custody disputes can be. As a parent, you want to protect your children from the sudden change in the family dynamics. You must understand, however, that only you and your spouse are the ones who can eventually help your children cope with this change.

If you ask our advice, we will tell you that taking the case to court should be the last option. Many other options are available for parents dealing with child-custody issues, including mediation and collaborative law. These alternatives allow parents to discuss their issue before a mediator while retaining their legal professionals who can guide them along the way.

The courts permit parents to create their own custody arrangement before any agreement is finalized in court. Our attorneys can help you better understand the difference between legal custody and physical custody. If you are considering joint custody, we can also provide various scenarios in which such custody arrangements are applicable and beneficial to both children and parents.

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