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November 2014 Archives

We can help with even the most challenging paternity disputes

In family law, paternity cases are typically about establishing fatherhood. Disputes about paternity arise most over children who are conceived by parents who are not married. When paternity is unknown, the mother of the child can seek to legally establish paternity in order to provide the child with certain rights in regard to the child's father. Fathers who seek child custody and visitation rights can also seek to establish paternity. Because these cases can be legally complicated, a person usually needs legal help.

How child support is calculated in Michigan

Financial support paid by noncustodial parents to support their children is a well-established institution in Michigan and every other state. Support can also be required for an unmarried father who conceived a child but does not live with the child's mother. In those cases, a paternity test is usually done to determine if the father is the child's biological father. A father also can sign an agreement that admits paternity and thus recognizes him as the biological father. Child support is required so that a child is not deprived of the basics of life, including shelter, food, health care and an education.

A few simple tips can make it easier to survive a divorce

Marital separations and dissolutions are among the most difficult chapters in life for any American, Michigan residents included. Like many difficult challenges, though, these dark chapters can be survived. Once divorce papers are served, many people experience a wide variety of feelings, including anger, depression and sadness. None of those, however, should keep anyone from learning to deal with and surviving divorce.

How does child-support enforcement work in Michigan?

The process of ordering and enforcing child-support payments in Michigan is similar to the process in other states. Authorities use a variety of methods to ensure that noncustodial parents pay what they owe each month on time to ensure that the noncustodial parents are able to raise their minor children with less financial trouble. Both parents, though, custodial and noncustodial, should clearly understand the state's child-support laws. If they do, they can avoid disputes and be sure their children have the financial support they need.

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