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We can help with even the most challenging paternity disputes

In family law, paternity cases are typically about establishing fatherhood. Disputes about paternity arise most over children who are conceived by parents who are not married. When paternity is unknown, the mother of the child can seek to legally establish paternity in order to provide the child with certain rights in regard to the child’s father. Fathers who seek child custody and visitation rights can also seek to establish paternity. Because these cases can be legally complicated, a person usually needs legal help.

Michigan paternity dispute attorneys handle various paternity cases such as revocation of affidavits of parentage, name changes, affidavits of parentage, payment of medical insurance for a child, payment of pregnancy expenses, payment of child support, parenting time and custody, determination of parentage and DNA testing. Our team of legal professionals has handled many paternity cases that have concerned both fathers and mothers.

Fathers often deal with these issues when the mother of a child requests child support. The father can contest the paternity request by undergoing a DNA test to determine whether he is the child’s biological father. He can also voluntarily accept paternity and be legally named as the father. Once paternity is established, the child can use the father’s name, which is put on the child’s birth certificate. The father can also seek custody and visitation rights once paternity has been established. Additionally, once paternity is established, mothers can seek child support. They can also seek payment for pregnancy expenses from the established biological father.

We can help anyone who is dealing with issues concerning paternity. We can find the most appropriate legal action based on any client’s unique situation. Any Michigan resident who is interested in learning more about paternity can speak with a knowledgeable legal professional or read the materials posted on our website.