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December 2014 Archives

What happens during a paternity hearing in Michigan?

Michigan Paternity Dispute Attorneys construct alternative solutions for those parents facing paternity issues. In Oakland County, Michigan, alone, many residents go to these professionals whenever they are amid paternity disputes. Generally, paternity is all about fatherhood. Such cases often arise when a child is born from unwed parents, when a single parent seeks child support from the other parent or when the other parent, usually the father, wants to be involved in child rearing. It is important for readers to learn the basics of paternity, especially during paternity hearing.

How child-support orders are enforced in Michigan

In general, parents are responsible for raising and supporting their own children. This responsibility continues after divorce or separation. In keeping with the general principles of determining child support in Michigan, Oakland County Child Support Attorneys tell their clients to focus on what is best for their children whenever they discuss child-support issues. Once these issues have been settled, the law requires that both parties comply with the agreement.

How can people protect themselves from divorce?

Divorce is mostly an unexpected occurrence. Farmington Hills Divorce Lawyers often say that the end of marriage is one of the most difficult chapters in a person's life. Some people plan their divorces while others are caught off guard once divorce papers are served. The process itself may take some time due to the number of issues that may arise. Alimony is one of them. It provides support to the lower-earning spouse, but the amount depends on the length of marriage and other factors.

How to reach a fair divorce settlement with professional help

Divorce can be complicated. Most Michigan residents know that a divorce can turn ugly when it comes to the process of dividing property and assets. Naturally, both spouses do what they can to ensure they obtain a fair share in the settlement that ends their marriage. By considering the following, they may be able to reach a fair settlement more quickly.

What are the different types of child custody in Michigan?

Oakland County Child Custody Lawyers have seen many cases involving children caught between parents during divorce. It is not unusual to hear custody issues being discussed by parents in front of a judge who will make the final determination of who gets custody once a marriage has legally ended.

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