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What happens during a paternity hearing in Michigan?

Michigan Paternity Dispute Attorneys construct alternative solutions for those parents facing paternity issues. In Oakland County, Michigan, alone, many residents go to these professionals whenever they are amid paternity disputes. Generally, paternity is all about fatherhood. Such cases often arise when a child is born from unwed parents, when a single parent seeks child support from the other parent or when the other parent, usually the father, wants to be involved in child rearing. It is important for readers to learn the basics of paternity, especially during paternity hearing.

In a paternity hearing, the court will determine the paternity of the child. The father, mother and the child may undergo paternity testing or DNA testing, depending on the circumstances. The result of the test can determine if the father is indeed the biological father. The father, on the other hand, may also admit that he the biological father of the child before the result is released. If the father admitted paternity, the court will proceed and establish paternity. The child can now use the father’s name once paternity is established. The father may also be required to pay child support, including arrears, once paternity is established. On the bright side, the father can then request for visitation or custody of the child.

Not all paternity disputes are settled in court. In many cases, litigation can be avoided by signing an acknowledgement of paternity. In the end, it is the child who will benefit from an arrangement where both unwed parents work hand-in-hand.

Parents who have more questions regarding paternity should not hesitate to ask from knowledgeable professionals. If they are amid litigation, they may choose to be represented by these professionals who can protect their best interests.

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