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January 2015 Archives

How does divorce mediation work?

Divorce mediation is a process that allows couples who are getting divorced to work through decisions that need to be made about their future. Unlike divorce court where the judge makes the final ruling, the divorcing couple goes through the decision-making process together to arrive at solutions that will be beneficial for both.

The history behind the living will

A living will is a document that states to health care providers what type or types of treatment a person wishes to receive in the event he or she is deemed incapable of communicating about his or her desired medical treatment. It is normally made while a person is still of sound mind and competent enough to make an informed decision about their desired care.

Michigan discrimination case to return to federal court

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Jan.12, 2015, that a discrimination lawsuit filed against the Kalamazoo County Road Commission by a former equipment superintendent can now return to federal court. The Supreme Court ruled that a 2014 decision issued by an appeals court stand. According to court records, an appeals court judge reportedly remarked that it was plausible that the man, who is Hispanic, had initially been set up to fail and that it didn't matter that he had applied for the job before.

Factors affecting child custody cases in Michigan

Oakland County, Michigan, child custody attorneys often tell parents that their children do not deserve to be caught in the middle of contentious family law issues. In many cases, children are used as bargaining chips during child custody disputes. Parents should avoid seeking sole custody of children out of spite. It is important to understand that children can still grow in a nurturing environment despite the fact that their parents are heading on two separate paths. Constructing a sound child custody agreement should be the utmost priority of parents.

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