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What you should know about challenging paternity

When paternity issues arise, it can be very stressful for all of the parties that are involved. The paternity of a child not only determines who is responsible for supporting the child, but also helps to decide who should have a hand in raising the child. Above all else, it ensures that the rights of the child aren’t neglected.

There are several different reasons why paternity may be challenged. As an example, a husband could have reason to believe that a child isn’t his because his wife had an affair. There could be a reason to believe that the lab results on a previous paternity test were tainted or that the alleged father sent someone to take the test on his behalf to avoid paying child custody.

Regardless of the reason for questioning the paternity of a child, the first step toward challenging it is generally made by filing a complaint with the court. The court then orders a test or series of tests for both the child and the man who is believed to be the father. These tests typically look at the DNA of the alleged father against that of the child, checking for similar DNA markers between the two.

Once these tests are completed the court then issues an order stating who the father is legally. Both sides must then come together to determine child support and agree on the arrangements for custody.

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