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Wife to challenge validity of ex-Piston Wallace’s divorce decree

Mediation is scheduled to begin this week in the divorce proceedings of ex-Piston basketball player, Rasheed Abdul Wallace. The mediation comes on the tails of a divorce decree that Wallace reportedly won this month in a North Carolina courtroom.

According to The Detroit News, the validity of the decree is being challenged by Wallace’s ex-wife, Fatima Labretta Wallace, who has stated that she questions whether North Carolina actually has jurisdiction to grant the divorce. She also is challenging whether her ex-husband actually even lives in the state of North Carolina, since he allegedly has been renting and living in an apartment in Troy since September 2013. Although Wallace is reportedly building a home in North Carolina and owns the house his mother lives in there, Fatima Wallace has argued that his tax returns, driver’s license and bank account are all located in Michigan.

Although Wallace left his wife back in 2013, neither he nor his wife filed divorce papers until last year when she filed in Oakland County and he filed in North Carolina. The mediation between the two is expected to cover child custody, parenting time, support and the validity of a prenuptial agreement signed by the couple before their marriage. Court documents state that the mediation will also cover the question as to which state has actual jurisdiction over the proceedings.

Both parties reportedly have a lot riding on the outcome. Wallace has a net worth of $75 million from his days of playing professional basketball along with investments he has made in real estate and elsewhere.

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