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What are some of the different types of adoption in Michigan?

Adoption can provide children who are without a permanent family a chance for a better life. Through adoption, children are given the same benefits and legal right as those who are born into a family. As an example, an adoption will make the adoptee an heir of the adopting parent. In the state of Michigan, there are different ways that potential parents can adopt a child.

— Adoption facilitators

Although laws for adoptions can vary from state to state, Michigan is one of the states that allows prospective parents to use an adoption facilitator to assist them with an adoption. Adoption facilitators work to match prospective adoptive parents with women who are potentially considering placing their children up for adoption. Adoption facilitators typically work alone or are part of a small two or three person facility. Since adoption facilitators are generally skilled at locating women who are pregnant that are considering adoption, the waiting time to adopt is sometimes lower than with other types of adoptions.

— Adoption agency

Adoption agencies are licensed and regulated by the state to match children with those who wish to adopt. An adoption agency can be either a public facility or private and typically handle the adoptions of children who have become wards of the state due to abandonment, abuse or because they have been orphaned. Private adoptions are typically run by either social service organizations or charities.

A Detroit family law attorney may be able to assist potential parents who are interested in learning more about the adoption process or can assist women who are considering placing their children up for adoption.

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