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July 2015 Archives

Lambert, Shelton request sealed divorce papers, spark outrage

Country music superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have filed for divorce -- but they are prioritizing secrecy in the matter, having their legal records sealed. Many of the couple's Michigan fans may realize that the split occurred, but the details are fuzzy at best because of the couple's petition for secrecy. All records related to the divorce have been sealed by an Oklahoma judge, according to reports. The country stars apparently traveled to a jurisdiction that neighbors their county of residence in a bid to prevent the airing of their private legal matters.

Kids jailed in child custody case after refusing lunch with dad

A Michigan judge has elected to send three children to jail after they refused to spend time eating lunch with their father. The judge in the child custody case found the kids in contempt of court after they refused to spend time with their dad. As a result, they are now confined to Waterford Township's Children's Village, a facility that houses up to 200 juvenile offenders.

Know the difference between comp time and overtime pay

Do you know your rights when it comes to compensatory time offered through your job? This perk, often called "comp time," is provided in lieu of overtime pay for employees who would rather have extra time off instead of the additional money. Although a variety of employers offer comp time benefits for their workers, not all comply with the employment law requirements that surround this particular topic. Knowing your comp time rights is just as important as understanding the various aspects of employment discrimination, including age and gender discrimination.

Same-sex marriage brings estate planning benefits

For many Americans, the ruling to permit nationwide same-sex marriage had moral or social implications. In all of the excitement, it is unlikely that many celebrants took the time to think about the effect the rule change would have on estate administration and estate planning. The ability to marry goes far beyond simply being able to demonstrate your love. Marriage is also a legal contract that allows the couple to share finances in an entirely different way. Now, a whole new group of Michigan residents will have access to the benefits associated with tax planning through marriage.

Servers entitled to compensation for wage violations

Several current and former employees at restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will receive back wages because of pay violations logged by their employers. An investigation into eight local restaurants yielded evidence of wage violations amounting to nearly $150,000 over a multi-year period. The employees will be entitled to financial compensation after government investigators determined that the restaurants failed to comply with new minimum wage standards. Several of the restaurants only owe a couple hundred dollars to their employees, but that sum can make a significant difference to service-industry workers.

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