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What can I expect for back-to-school after a divorce?

Are you newly divorced with children? If so, you have probably been working out the details of your child custody agreement with your ex-spouse. If this is your first back-to-school season with youngsters after a breakup, you might start feeling overwhelmed — and your children could easily feel the same way. So, what are the keys to maintaining a smooth home life while still satisfying the requirements of your custody agreement? With the help of your Oakland County child custody attorneys, you and your family can get back to school — and back to normal — far faster than you thought you could.

Should we keep a consistent visitation schedule? Most experts agree that consistency and routine are best for kids, not to mention the fact that you have to comply with your child custody agreement. During the summer, flexible scheduling can be easier; parents don’t have to deal with designated wake-up times, after-school activities or homework. It is easy to let your formal agreement lapse during this time simply because summer is so flexible. However, setting a routine is important for children because most of them prefer structure, even if it takes some time to adapt.

Any tips for providing this consistency? The key to lowering anxiety as the school year approaches is having open communication between both parents and their children. Make sure that your kids understand the child custody schedule by marking a calendar and hanging it on the fridge, for example. Open communication reduces the fear of the unknown that often plagues children whose parents have recently divorced.

What happens if we are still having difficulties? If one parent is not complying with the child custody order, a visit to your Oakland County child custody lawyers may be necessary. Both parents deserve to have their visitation rights honored, especially when a formal agreement has been made in a court of law.

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