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September 2015 Archives

How do I control my emotions during a child custody case?

Did you know that your behavior during your Michigan divorce can have a direct effect on your kids? Although your world is almost certainly being turned upside down, your emotional turmoil may pale in comparison to that being experienced by your children. You need the time and resources to deal with your own emotions during a divorce and child custody proceeding, but you must also manage your kids' emotional well-being. Today, we answer some questions about helping your youngsters adjust to a new family format.

Why you need help with property division in divorce

Divorce law in Michigan is founded upon one simple principle: Property division should be fair. In all too many divorce cases, however, one party is forced to give up too much of the property he or she deserves because he or she is pressured or fatigued from legal machinations. It is important to remember, though, that fair property division is not always synonymous with perfectly equal property division.

Why estate planning documents make a great gift

If you are the parent of adult children in Michigan, you might struggle to find them the perfect present -- after all, what do you get the young grown-up who seems to have everything? We have you covered for at least the next major event: Consider purchasing estate planning documents for your adult child for a birthday or holiday present. Although this may sound decidedly unimaginative, you and your adult child could benefit tremendously from the asset protection and personal peace of mind that comes along with estate planning.

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