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Be sure you know what the court considers regarding alimony

If you’re being told to pay or collect alimony after a divorce in Michigan, it’s incredibly important for you to know what things the court is going to consider when deciding how much the spousal support should be. First of all, it starts with income, and the court will look at how much you both make. This goes beyond your weekly paycheck and could include:

– Any commissions that you earn- Your base salary- Royalties that are paid out- Additional wages, like overtime pay- Bonuses that are earned- Dividends- Income from a trust

Much more than your income level matters, however, in determining a fair payment. The court is also going to look at:

– The length of your marriage- The lifestyle you have become used to- The debts and financial obligations that you have- Your age and your spouse’s age- Your health, along with your spouse’s health- Your earning capacity- Your ability to contribute—or your spouse’s ability, depending on who is paying- Any criminal convictions- Any history of domestic violence

Additionally, there may be other options outside of alimony. For example, some spouses will use a buy out. They will pay a large amount up front, at the time of the divorce, in order to get out of paying consistent alimony payments for years on end.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into this. If you’d like to learn more about the process, we hope that you’ll take a moment to get in touch with us today.