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Why do divorce rates go up in January?

Each year, the number of people who file for divorce gets lower. Most people simply do not want to start the proceedings around the holidays. However, when the new year beings, it’s time for people to start over. That means the number of divorce filings rises, as does the number of people who talk to family law attorneys about getting divorced.

One attorney said that it could be very helpful if people actually planned ahead for divorce. Obviously, going through life planning for divorce is not exactly the way a marriage should go, but becoming knowledgeable about divorce when things are taking a downturn in your marriage can be a good idea. You can learn what a divorce entails in terms of child custody, child support, alimony and property division. If you will need a high asset divorce, it’s a good idea to be aware of what will happen before being served with divorce papers.

Some people never see a divorce coming. It’s devastating enough to learn about your spouse filing for divorce. When you’re completely unprepared for it, it can really make the experience even worse.

It’s worth it to try to have an amicable divorce. If you can prepare for it, that will be even better. While divorcing under amicable terms seems like a novel idea, it really is possible.

If you need to learn more about divorce and how it will affect your family, your family law attorney can provide more information. It’s a big step and knowing how it will affect you is a good place to begin.

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