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Adoption can sometimes lead to psychological issues

When you’re considering adoption to add to your family, it is important to consider some of the psychological issues a child could have because of the adoption. In some cases, family and individual issues can interfere with a child’s development.

Some of the issues that a child might face before, during or after the adoption are:

— Feelings of rejection and abandonment by his or her biological parents. Loss and grief are also common emotions. These feelings can surface at any time.

— Damaged self-esteem is also common, as a child will wonder, “What is wrong with him or her that his or her parents didn’t want me?” These feelings have nothing to do with the amount of love the child gets from the adoptive family.

— Guilt is a common emotion because children may feel that they are not being loyal to their adoptive parents if they want to learn more about their birth parents.

— Many children want to know, “Who am I?” This is especially true if there is nothing known about the birth parents in terms of medical history, genetic background and more.

Some parents hide the fact that they adopted a child, fearing that if the child knew, then the adoptive parents would lose their child. The stigma associated with adoption has changed greatly over the decades and today, some adoptive families even keep the birth parents involved in the child’s life.

However, if psychological issues are present with your adopted child, there are some things that might help. First, see if you can locate a search group for those who were adopted. Consider psychotherapy to help reduce depression, anxiety and guilt. Read as much as you can about adoptive families and their challenges.

Another resource can be the attorney who handled or will handle the adoption for you. At the Swartz Law Firm, we want to give our clients all the tools we have, so the addition of a child to your family will be happy and successful. To learn more about adoption, please visit our webpage on the topic.