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“Can My Boss Do That?” The CANS and CANNOTS Of Employment Law


You are likely surrounded by many people at the office and at home who will not hesitate to tell you what they know about employment law issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination and retaliation. 

Unfortunately, most of what they know is wrong. 

The good news is that we can shed some light on your rights as an employee, providing you with the information you need to make good decisions about how to proceed when something is troubling you at work. 


Your Employer CAN Fire You On A Whim

Unless you are protected by an employment contract or collective bargaining (union contract), your employer can fire you with or without cause. Being an at-will employee has some benefits but this is surely the downside of the arrangement. 

You CANNOT Be Let Go For Reporting A Crime Or Civil Violation

If you are let go for reporting sexual harassment, discrimination, or blowing the whistle on illegal behavior, you may have a viable retaliation claim on your hands. 

Employers CANNOT Discriminate Against Protected Classes

Classes protected by discrimination laws include age, disability, gender, pregnancy, marital status, race, color or national origin, religion, weight or height.

You CAN Take Time Off To Care For Your Family

If you need to take time off to care for a loved one, The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides you with the option to take unpaid leave to do just that without fear of losing your job. 

Your Employer CANNOT Deny The Overtime Pay You Deserve

If you are classified as a non-exempt employee, you are entitled to overtime pay for the extra hours you work. If you believe you are being denied overtime pay, an employment law attorney can help you understand your legal options.