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Take Care Of Yourself During Divorce


There are many important things to focus on during a divorce, but it is important not to lose sight of your own needs. 

According to a report by TODAY, many divorcées are falling victim to a phenomenon known as the “divorce diet”, effortlessly dropping pounds as eating becomes an afterthought. 

The “divorce diet” has been experienced by people of all walks of life, including celebrities and physicians. 

Why Does The “Divorce Diet” Happen? 

The primary culprit of this phenomenon seems to be stress. Even a divorce without squabbling can be extremely stressful, especially for parents. In addition to the legal process you are going through, you have to focus on major issues such as: 

  • Figuring out where you will live post-divorce
  • Caring for your children as they go through a huge life change
  • Solidifying your post-divorce finances

Stress and anxiety are known appetite depressants, and going through a divorce is considered one of the most stressful life-events anyone can go through, ranking right up there with the loss of a spouse. 

Tips For Reducing Stress During & After Divorce

Here are a few simple things you can do to reduce stress during divorce: 

  • Take time for yourself: It doesn’t have to be much. Even taking a couple minutes to meditate or going for a quick walk can help you reduce stress and maintain focus.
  • Schedule a meal: Even if you have to set a reminder for yourself, it is important to step back for a few moments and eat some nutritious food.
  • Talk about it: Turning to family, friends or even a counselor for someone to talk to about your divorce can make a huge difference. 
  • Let your attorney take care of it: Having a knowledgeable, compassionate attorney on your side can allow you to focus more on yourself and your children, knowing that the legal issues are being handled by a skilled professional