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The 10 Worst Jobs In America


Each year, CareerCast releases its list of the 10 worst jobs in America. They base their list on criteria such as environment, income, outlook, and stress. 

This year’s list:

  1. Newspaper Reporter
  2. Logger
  3. Broadcaster
  4. Disc Jockey
  5. Enlisted Military Personnel
  6. Pest Control Worker
  7. Retail Sales Person
  8. Advertising Sales Person
  9. Taxi Driver
  10. Firefighter

Our take on this list? It’s rubbish.

Let us explain.

We’re sure the methodology is sound and there are likely many stressed out people in those jobs who would agree with the findings. 

However, we think “worst job” is a very personal thing. One person’s “worst job” could be another’s “dream job”. In our view the worst job is any job that makes you dread waking up in the morning; any job that makes you sick to your stomach on the drive to work. 

If you feel this way about work due to workplace issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation or lack of workplace safety, we have some good news. You can pursue your legal rights as an employee and hold those responsible accountable. Learn more here