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When Divorce Extends Beyond International Borders


Divorce is never simple. Even divorce and family law cases where both parties agree on what the outcome should be require poring through complex legal documents and processes. 

What happens when the parties in a divorce or custody battle don’t agree? What if they not only don’t agree but also don’t share the same state or country of residence? 

That’s where an experienced international divorce and family law attorney can make all the difference in the outcome. 


Any time a divorce or custody case involves parties who are in different states or countries, the first issue is determining jurisdiction. In other words, where can or should a legal action be filed?

In most cases, this issue can be settled according to the terms of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) or the 1980 Hague Convention. However, since not all countries are signatories of The Hague Convention, the potential exists for additional complications and complexity anytime there is an international component.

Left Behind Without Your Child

Some of the most tragic and consequential cases involve parents who have suffered the loss of a child via parental abduction. At Schwartz Law Firm, we have represented parents in the United States who have been left behind without their child(ren) as a result of the other parent taking them overseas.

These cases require considerable knowledge and skill, including the ability to efficiently navigate the series of motions and filings that take place, often with the cooperation of authorities in Washington, D.C.

Local Representation For Your International Family Law Needs

Parents in Michigan who face a family law case with international jurisdiction, as well as parents from abroad with divorce and custody issues in Michigan can benefit from having local representation. The first step is scheduling a consultation with Schwartz Law Firm in Farmington Hills.