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4 tips for co-parenting on Halloween

Fall is officially here, which means Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you already have the spooky decorations out or you are waiting a few more weeks, it is never too early to start thinking about what you will do with your kids.

Being a divorced parent means you probably have some questions about how trick-or-treating will go this year. Below is a guide to successfully co-parenting on Halloween.

1. Plan now

Openly communicate with your ex about Halloween plans. Does your parenting plan already account for Halloween? Do you want to modify the schedule? Whatever the final agreement is, you do not want to leave it to the last second or put your kids in the middle. 

2. Split trick-or-treating

Assuming you and your former spouse live in different areas of town, think about making arrangements to split the evening. Why not let your kids trick-or-treat in two neighborhoods? They will not turn down the opportunity for double the candy, and will be happy to make the rounds with both parents.

3. Do it all together

If you and your ex are comfortable enough to be co-parenting, you might even consider strolling through the neighborhood together. It might not be the final decision you agree on, but it is definitely something to consider and might work out for you. If nothing else, it sends a comforting message to your children. 

4. Plan something the night before

Maybe you are not able to-or do not want to-share or divide the night. If that is the case, one of you can carve pumpkins and decorate the house on October 30th while the other one takes the kids out for trick-or-treating the next night. 

It is important to consider all of these options as Halloween comes near. If you communicate openly with your ex and prioritize the happiness of your children, you can make the right choice.