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Divorce is often initiated by the woman

Divorce isn’t an easy journey for most people, so many couples try to work through everything they face before they split up. While some might assume that the woman is the person less likely to take that step, women are the ones who initiate nearly 70% of all divorces.

There are many reasons why this might occur, and it is interesting to take a look at them. If you’re in the midst of a divorce and questioning why it happened, this might give you some insight. It may also help married couples to spot areas where they need to work.

Negative behavior isn’t tolerated

In the past, women would likely overlook negative behaviors by their spouse because they weren’t able to be financially independent. Now that women are able to get a meaningful education, hold jobs and enjoy financial stability on their own, they’re less likely to put up with things like infidelity. Other issues, such as hidden spending, are also frowned upon by women now and some won’t deal with these behaviors repeatedly.

Another issue is that women feel they are handling more of the marital duties now despite them bringing in an income. Women once handled the housework while the men worked to pay the bills. Now that women are earning money to help with bills, some are finding that the men aren’t picking up any additional housework. In homes where both spouses are employed, around 20% of men and 49% of women do work around the house daily.

Emotional tolls are tallied

Typically, women have more of an emotional investment in a marriage. This is because men typically aren’t taught how to deal with emotions and convey them. Men won’t usually open up to their friends, but they may need someone talk to. They may turn to their wives for emotional support, which puts the pressure on her to help them with what they’re going through. As the emotional tolls on the wife build, she becomes aware that she can’t handle these tasks on her own.

Individuals who are going through a divorce might feel a vast array of emotions. While this is normal, you shouldn’t allow them to guide your decisions. Instead, find out what options you have at each step of the divorce so you can try to make practical choices that help to better your future.