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Does social media contribute to divorce?

Marriage could start to fail for any number of reasons. Michigan couples may now face challenges from something unheard of decades ago: social media. Social media platforms provide many benefits, and people using social media could engage in business activities, find information about health concerns, and more. Unfortunately, a social media addiction could put significant strains on marriages.

Social media and marital woes

A spouse that seems to communicate and engage more with people on social media may create problems. Spending too much time on social media could leave a partner feeling neglected. Jealousy and distrust may develop, which might contribute to tension and arguments. A relationship could degrade even further if attention remains focused on a “social media life.”

Unfortunately, someone who suffers from social media addictions might not easily stop such behavior. Since smartphones and tablets afford social media access anywhere, any time, and any place, curtailing behavior may become difficult. So might repairing an increasingly damaged marital relationship.

A lack of communication, drifting apart, and embracing new interests are all things that might harm a marriage. Several root causes may lead to such troubles, and social media activities could be among them. When social media behavior creates enormous problems in a marriage, the spouses might be on a path towards a divorce rooted in irreconcilable differences. Spouses may try to work their disagreements and problems out. However, there may come the point where it is too late.

Abuse and cruelty in the marriage

A spouse that unfairly berates a partner about social media activities could be the one that harms the marriage. Verbally abusing or otherwise displaying cruelty over a spouse’s social media interactions might destroy a relationship. No justification exists for physical and mental cruelty. A spouse exposed to such treatment may even be in danger. The abusive treatment might be more pervasive and extend beyond issues surrounding social media. Social media addiction could lead to an unavoidable separation. Spouses who see their marriage heading to a breakup might meet with a divorce attorney. The attorney may advise on how to proceed towards dissolving the marriage.