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International child custody issues in divorce

Today's world is becoming smaller, with travel easier between countries and around the world. As a result, many couples nowadays may come from two different countries. When these couples have children, they may have dual citizenship and possibly residences in both of the countries.

What is a friend of the court?

Determining child custody is not something that the courts take lightly. The best interests of the child are always what the courts will want to determine. One way they do this is through the evaluations of the friend of the court office. This is usually the first agency parents deal with when the court is trying to determine custody. According to Michigan law, a custody evaluation will be completed, with copies going to the parents and the judge, when ordered by the court or when mediation is not attempted or is not successful.

How do I control my emotions during a child custody case?

Did you know that your behavior during your Michigan divorce can have a direct effect on your kids? Although your world is almost certainly being turned upside down, your emotional turmoil may pale in comparison to that being experienced by your children. You need the time and resources to deal with your own emotions during a divorce and child custody proceeding, but you must also manage your kids' emotional well-being. Today, we answer some questions about helping your youngsters adjust to a new family format.

What can I expect for back-to-school after a divorce?

Are you newly divorced with children? If so, you have probably been working out the details of your child custody agreement with your ex-spouse. If this is your first back-to-school season with youngsters after a breakup, you might start feeling overwhelmed -- and your children could easily feel the same way. So, what are the keys to maintaining a smooth home life while still satisfying the requirements of your custody agreement? With the help of your Oakland County child custody attorneys, you and your family can get back to school -- and back to normal -- far faster than you thought you could.

Can my ex-spouse move away with my children in Michigan?

Do you know your legal rights when it comes to your spouse moving away with your kids? Michigan's child custody policy outlines specific guidelines for those parents who are considering relocation. Although there are legitimate reasons for relocating to another city or state, parents who share custody typically have to work together to come to a resolution whereas their custody agreement is concerned if one person is thinking of moving.

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