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Lawsuit against Yahoo alleges unlawful layoffs, discrimination

Over one-third of the workers at Yahoo have left of their own accord or involuntarily in the last year. The chief executive has come under fire for the poor financial performance of the company, with some calling for a restructuring of the company or the sale of the Internet business.

Understanding sexual harassment in the Michigan workplace

Michigan employees have a right to feel safe at their workplaces -- they should never have to endure harassment on the job. That does not mean that sexual harassment and other types of discriminatory behavior have simply disappeared from Michigan workplaces, however. Today, we provide some guidance for those employees who find themselves suffering from discriminatory harassment.

Who qualifies for COBRA insurance in Michigan?

So, you have lost your job because of a layoff -- what now? Although you have probably taken action to obtain unemployment benefits, you may not realize that your health insurance is also about to expire. You can protect yourself and your family by utilizing the COBRA continuation of benefits insurance program, which allows for the continuation of health care benefits even after you leave a company. COBRA is available for those who have been fired or who have chosen to quit their jobs, as well. Employees who do not qualify include those who have been fired because of gross misconduct such as gender discrimination and other types of workplace discrimination.

Independent contractor? Think twice about unemployment benefits

Did you know that you could be eligible for unemployment benefits, no matter your reason for losing your Michigan job? All too many residents are denied unemployment benefits because they are fired or forced to resign. If you have lost your job for any reason other than misconduct, you may be eligible for these benefits. This may even be true for some Michigan residents who have traditionally been classified as independent contractors, according to recent case law.

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