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Prudent Strategies And Diligent Processes In Criminal Law

Success in a criminal case can literally add years to your free time. At the Schwartz Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys are dedicated to aggressive representation of clients accused of crimes, whether misdemeanor or felony, in state or federal court.

We spend the time necessary to discover all available defenses, including visiting the alleged scene of the crime, extensively interviewing potential witnesses and using the court’s subpoena power to compel discovery of crucial evidence. We routinely argue for and win reduction in bond motions, which can mean greater pretrial freedom for our clients at a reduced cost.

Powerful Criminal Defense And DUI Lawyers In Michigan

A good criminal defense attorney is often the only sentinel standing watch over a client’s constitutional rights and we zealously advocate for the enforcement of those rights. We have helped people in metro Detroit for more since 1972, and know what it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

We will never enter into a plea bargain simply to avoid trial. Plea negotiations will be explored and accepted only if clients believe it is in their best interest to enter into the plea bargain. We file the necessary pretrial motions, insist on running the preliminary exam and prepare our defense with an eye for trial. We never relieve the prosecution of its burden of going forward at any stage of the proceeding.

We represent clients in state and federal courts for all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, such as:

Drunk driving: Including DWI (driving while intoxicated), OWI (operating while impaired), DUI (driving under the influence), UBAL (unlawful blood alcohol level) and OUIL (operation under the influence of liquor)

Sex crimes: Including sexual assault, rape, internet solicitation of minors, possession of child pornography, dissemination of explicit materials, computer entrapment/stings, removal from sex offender registry, and other situations

Drug charges: Including marijuana possession, crack cocaine-related drug charges, drug trafficking, cocaine possession, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, and other narcotics and drug offenses

Traffic tickets: Including reckless driving, speeding tickets, driving under suspension, driving without insurance and other traffic violations, DLAD, driver’s license restoration

Fraud: financial offenses and other white collar crimes

Other criminal charges: Including domestic violence, stalking, assault and battery, robbery, burglary, weapons offenses and juvenile delinquency, and minor in possession

In addition, we provide experienced advocacy for persons targeted and impacted by police brutality, false arrest and false imprisonment. Curious about expungement? We can help answer your questions.

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Minimizing The Impact Of A Criminal Conviction At Sentencing

At the sentencing phase, we ensure that our clients are adequately prepared for their pre-sentence interview, that the reports are accurate and that the sentencing guidelines in a felony case are scored accurately. We often write pre-sentence memos on a client’s behalf to request downward departures (sentences reduced below guideline minimums), or argue a statutory or constitutional point. If you have been arrested or charged in Michigan, our criminal defense attorneys, located in Oakland County, are here to serve you.

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For a free initial consultation to discuss your criminal defense, contact our Michigan criminal defense lawyers online or at 888-757-1681. We return all phone calls promptly, can travel to meet with clients, and offer evening and weekend appointments if necessary.