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Experienced Defense Against Internet And Computer Crimes

Use of the Internet is widespread, even among people who do not consider themselves “computer savvy.” Along with the opportunities of communication, access to information and commerce, there is great potential for being accused of crimes committed online. This includes crimes committed with cellphones that have Internet capability.

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for any criminal offense such as the following in Michigan, contact Schwartz Law Firm to schedule a consultation with a Detroit-area computer crimes defense lawyer.

  • Child pornography: possession, distribution or manufacture
  • Financial crimes of fraud committed through the Internet
  • ID theft
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime

Whatever the nature of the crime, if your computer, your Internet-capable cellphone and/or your activity online are involved, you are urged to discuss strategies of defense with an attorney experienced in Internet crime defense.

Facts that may be significant in your defense could include the following:

  • Your teenage son or daughter or a friend of someone in the family committed the online activity that is named in the criminal charges.
  • You bought your computer second-hand from Craigslist or elsewhere, not knowing that it had been used for criminal activity.
  • You downloaded illegal child pornography in error after it was sent to you in junk email as an attachment.
  • You were propositioned by police who posed as minors online — as you solicited them for sexual purposes.
  • Police searched your computer without a warrant.

Even if you know that wrongdoing was done with your computer as a tool but you have not been contacted by the police, you are encouraged to invest in an hour of a computer crime defense lawyer’s time to learn how to protect yourself. Learn how to respond if you are served with a search warrant, and how to deal with potentially incriminating or exculpatory evidence, including data on your hard drive and testimony of other people who may have had access to your computer.

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Whether your criminal charges involve financial crimes or child pornography, our attorneys are prepared to advise and represent clients in pursuit of the best achievable outcome after accusations of internet crime.

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