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Addressing Minor In Possession Charges

Charges of “minor in possession” are more than simply “teenage trouble.” It is a criminal charge — and a conviction can have serious consequences now and in the future. Contact the law offices of Schwartz Law Firm to schedule a consultation if you or your teenager has been charged with a minor in possession offense.

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Tough Laws Have Teeth

Michigan has one of the nation’s toughest laws on “minor in possession.” A ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court in 2002 established that evidence of being “in possession” of alcohol could include evidence of alcohol in the system, including blood alcohol content.

A 2004 updating of the “minor in possession” statute in Michigan includes provisions for judges to send offenders to jail when they have had a prior MIP conviction, have failed to complete treatment or community service mandated by the courts, or have failed to pay required fines.

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Tough Advocacy Is Needed

If you or your teenage son or daughter has been arrested or faces charges of “minor in possession,” you need a criminal defense attorney who will do all that is necessary to help you obtain the most favorable outcome based on the facts of the case.

Charged With MIP? Contact An Attorney.

Schwartz Law Firm has built a strong reputation in criminal defense as well as in civil law (family law, employment law, business law) since 1972. Attorneys of the law firm welcome inquiries from teenage suspects and their parents in connection with “minor in possession” charges. The outcome of your criminal case can have huge implications for your future.

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