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Were You Or A Loved One The Victim Of Police Brutality?

It is one thing to be in trouble with the law because of a law enforcement officer’s impressions related to actions that you were allegedly involved in such as possession of illegal drugs, sex crimes, DUI or fraud.

It is quite another thing to be the victim of police brutality or face false accusations from a public official. A private citizen is rarely a match for the power that police possess.

Were you a victim of any of the following misdeeds by a police officer?

  • Police brutality
  • False arrest
  • False imprisonment

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Were You Subjected To Police Brutality, False Arrest Or False Imprisonment In Michigan?

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Did the police ignore their sworn duty and violate your rights by acting in an unreasonable or unlawful manner, intentionally causing injury during a traffic stop or any altercation? If your case gets to court, questions that a judge may ask could include the following:

  • Was excessive force used — that is, more force than was necessary?
  • Did police continue to exert force even after they had restrained you?
  • Did police take you into custody without an arrest warrant or without probable cause?
  • Were police assumptions leading to your arrest unreasonable?
  • Did police lack legal justification for taking you into custody?

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