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Protecting Your Reputation And Future From Sex Crime Charges

If you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct (CSC) in Michigan, you may face serious consequences if convicted, such as jail time, sex offender registration, difficulty obtaining a job and other challenges. At the Schwartz Law Firm, our attorneys provide aggressive sex crime defense representation. We work to mitigate exposure involving your case and minimize the impact of the charges against you.

Experienced Sex Crime Defense Lawyers Fighting For You

Sex offender registration is required by law for individuals convicted of a sex offense. However, the sex offender registry can be misleading in that it does not differentiate between levels of offense. Therefore, individuals convicted for CSC 4 for minor unwelcome touching (e.g., grabbing someone’s butt) will endure the same damage to their reputation as individuals convicted for CSC 1 or CSC 2 for child molestation. It will be difficult — even impossible — for these individuals to maintain a normal life as they will always have to live with the negative stigma of a sex offender label. In addition, individuals convicted for CSC 1 or CSC 2 will face a prison sentence for 25 years to life under Jessica’s law.

That is why it is so important to have an experienced sex crime defense attorney on your side from the beginning. Our defense lawyers advocate for our clients and protect their constitutional rights from the onset of the case. We are experienced at handling the most complex of sex offenses, such as:

We challenge the evidence against you by questioning the credibility of witnesses or accusers, and we submit motions to suppress coerced confessions from court. Our sex crime defense lawyers are skilled at handling child sex crime cases and demonstrating the impact of taint and suggestibility when interviewing children.

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The Schwartz Law Firm uses all means possible to provide clients with a solid defense, which protects their rights and future. If you have been arrested for sexual assault or another form of criminal sexual conduct, contact our sex crime defense attorneys online or call 888-757-1681 to schedule a free consultation.