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Extensive Experience With Cases Involving Computer Entrapment And Sting Operations

Solicitation of a minor almost always involves a sting operation orchestrated by state or federal authorities. Frequently, these operations tip the scales toward entrapment, as people using their personal computers in the privacy of their own homes are often not aware they are chatting with minors or are enticed to do so. If a law enforcement sting has resulted in you being charged with solicitation of a minor for sex, it is important that your rights are protected.

In this situation, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. A comprehensive understanding of the statutes, penalties and possible defenses to these charges can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. At Schwartz Law Firm, in Farmington Hills, our defense lawyers have extensive experience with these cases and will aggressively fight the charges against you.

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How Do Computer Entrapment And Sting Operations Work?

When investigating Internet child pornography cases, government agencies may create a persona in order to solicit illegal contact from potential predators. For example, a member of an investigating agency may pose as a 14-year-old girl in hopes of catching an adult engaging in inappropriate contact with “her.”

In Michigan, the law is clear. If you participated in a suggestive conversation with a minor online — even if the person you communicated with online was an adult, but you believed he or she was a minor — you are considered guilty. Conviction brings serious penalties, which may include harsh prison sentences and sex offender registration. That is why it is critical that you consult with an experienced Oakland County criminal defense lawyer as soon as you believe you are under suspicion of a sex crime.

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Aggressive Defense For Serious Charges

When you retain our services, we will look carefully at the nature of the prosecution’s evidence. In many instances, the evidence was obtained illegally, in violation of the accused’s constitutional rights. If this occurred in your situation, we can seek to have that evidence excluded. Rest assured, we will force the opposition to prove its argument using only legally obtained evidence.

In addition to evaluating the prosecution’s evidence, we will perform our own detailed analysis of the computer records in question. Our attorneys will build a strong defense strategy based on the evidence available.

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