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Are You Looking To Have A Crime Expunged From Your Record?

New Opportunity For People With Misdemeanors Or Nonviolent Felonies

A new Michigan law allows certain people to expunge crimes from their records, affording them a brighter future. A criminal history can cost people job opportunities and damage their standing in a child custody dispute.

Michigan’s Second-Chance Law opens up expungement opportunities for people who meet the following criteria:

  • They must have a nonviolent felony conviction OR no more than two misdemeanor convictions.
  • The sentence for the conviction(s) was completed at least five years ago.

There are exceptions for crimes involving drunk driving (impaired driving), violence, certain types of criminal sexual conduct, or child abuse. An experienced Michigan expungement attorney can help determine whether you are a candidate for expungement under the second-chance bill.

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Your Conviction May Impact Your Life In Many Ways

Sentencing is only one way that a conviction punishes you. The other ways a conviction impacts your life, known as collateral consequences, are often more damaging than the sentence itself.

A felony or misdemeanor conviction can harm:

  • Employment opportunities: Most job applications and/or screening processes examine a candidate’s criminal history.
  • Child custody, placement and visitation: A parent’s convictions may be a factor in the outcome in custody and visitation disputes.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Want to coach your son’s or daughter’s soccer team? Many volunteer opportunities, especially child-focused ones, screen out people with felony convictions.
  • Dating and other matters: Many potential love interests will do an informal – or even formal – background check on you.

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