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Representing The Disabled That Have Been Subjected To Illegal Discrimination

Millions of Americans live with some kind of physical, sensory, cognitive or mental disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides people with disabilities many legal protections in the public arena, including rights on the job. However, the ADA does not protect all people with disabilities in all situations, so an experienced employment law attorney should carefully evaluate the circumstances to determine whether the ADA affects a disabled worker.

You may believe that you were subjected to illegal discrimination on the basis of your disability when, in fact, the employer was justified in denying a request for a reasonable accommodation. Someone who is disabled to the point that he or she cannot do a particular job even with reasonable accommodations is not protected from adverse actions under the ADA.

There are also sometimes misunderstandings about the provisions of the ADA and a disabled person’s need to take time off work. The ADA does not protect people with disabilities with regard to time off work beyond the parameters of the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).

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Representing Employees And Employers in Discrimination Cases

The best source of information regarding disability discrimination, the ADA and “reasonable accommodations” as they pertain to your particular case is an experienced employment law attorney. A lawyer with full knowledge of the ADA and other laws, and of your disability and work situation will be able to give you an informed analysis and recommendations.

  • Do you wonder whether you have a case against your employer after you were passed over for a raise at work — and you suspect that it is a result of the limitations created by your disability?
  • Are you an employer who needs guidance on the application of the ADA, or seeking assistance in creating your compliant workplace policies?

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