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The concept of harassment as an illegal practice in the workplace is largely misunderstood. Harassment on the job does not only refer to sexual harassment — the variety that gets the most press. Unlawful harassment may also take the form of intentionally bothering someone at work because of his or her race, gender, or some other identity factor. However, not all “harassment” is illegal.

Racial, gender and religious harassment have not been as well-documented as sexual harassment, but each has its own statute. Sexual harassment has been defined in great detail both by legislation and by legal precedent. Other types of unlawful harassment on the job have not been scrutinized as minutely in statutes or in court.

Unfortunately, many employees dread the nature and the scope of racial harassment, ethnic harassment or religious harassment within the company that they work. These types of harassment may be much more subtle than sexual harassment. Every employer must guard against intolerant conduct by managers or co-workers and respond promptly to employee complaints.

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Experienced Detroit Workplace Harassment Lawyers

Determining what constitutes harassment and when discomfort at work is simply a result of personality clashes is not an easy task. If you believe you are experiencing illegal harassment of any time at your Michigan workplace, you are advised to contact an attorney who can provide the insight and guidance you need to resolve the matter. Get answers to questions related to your potential harassment case such as the following:

  • How is quid pro quo sexual harassment different from a generally hostile work environment, and how does the difference affect your particular situation?
  • Is it legal for your employer to discriminate against or to allow co-workers to harass you for your height or weight?
  • Can your employer discriminate against you or harass you based on your DNA makeup, if that has become known to the employer (or co-workers)?
  • Has harassment taken place at your workplace to such a degree that you would be justified in filing a complaint or lawsuit?
  • How can you protect yourself from retaliation if you seek relief from harassment at the work place?

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