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Representing Employees And Employers In Claims Of Discrimination On The Basis Of Race Or National Origin

Discrimination on the job based on race or national origin is illegal in Michigan under applicable state and federal laws. Although this is well-known to most people, racial and religious discrimination at work are still quite pervasive.

Were You Treated Less Favorably Because Of Your Race Or National Origin?

You may have experienced illegal race discrimination in the workplace if you were treated less favorably because you are in a protected class because of your race or national origin: for example, perhaps you were not hired, not promoted or not given the same amenities because of your membership in a particular racial or ethnic group.

Attorneys of the law offices of Schwartz Law Firm have more than 30 years of litigation experience in a range of legal practice areas. Our employment lawyers represent both employees and employers in problem areas such as questions of racial discrimination and harassment based on race. We are well-prepared to advise either side of the equation (employee or employer) — and to work toward a favorable resolution of disputes on behalf of our clients.

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Many Employees Of Middle Eastern Origin Seek Help From Our Law Firm

Racial and national origin discrimination cases often arise in the Detroit area involving Lebanese, Chaldeans (Christian Iraqis) and other people with Middle Eastern heritage — as well as Hispanics and workers from India. We offer legal advice and services to these and other ethnic groups, including those who feel they have suffered reverse discrimination in employment contexts.

Our experienced employment law attorneys are prepared to analyze your potential case, advise you as to whether you have a viable case, assist you in making complaints or responding to complaints submitted to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), represent you at conciliation meetings, and file or respond to lawsuits on your behalf.

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