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Michigan Lawyers Handling Religious Discrimination Cases

Religious discrimination amounts to a type of harassment in many cases. You cannot be forced to go against your conscience and commit an act that violates the tenets of your religion.

  • Were you, a Muslim, asked to handle pork on the job although you explained to your supervisor that your religion does not permit you to do this?
  • Were you, a pro-life pharmacist, asked to dispense oral contraceptives against your will?

Talk to an attorney to learn what the law has to say about your particular situation, and how to file a complaint or file a lawsuit to correct or compensate you for the effects of illegal religious discrimination.

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Protecting Employees From Religious Discrimination

Despite the history of diversity in our country — including the presence of many people without any religious faith — it is still a fact of life in a great many work settings that people who profess Christianity are favored. But Christians are also harassed in some workplaces. Whether you are a member of a minority faith or a practicing Christian, and regardless of what type of religious discrimination you experienced, you are encouraged to talk about your case with a Michigan employment law attorney.

We can help you file a complaint with the appropriate administrative agency such as the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) — while taking steps to protect yourself from a backlash of retaliation. After the EEOC has responded, we can help you take your complaint the rest of the way — including to court if necessary.

The Schwartz Law Firm also advises employers who are developing policies about religious discrimination in the workplace and can represent employers against claims of religious discrimination.

Contact an employment law attorney at the Farmington Hills law offices of the Schwartz Law Firm for advice about potential religious discrimination in the workplace. Call 888-757-1681. We offer free initial consultations.