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Estate Planning & Probate: Answers To Common Questions

Schwartz Law Firm is a valuable resource for Michigan residents who have recently lost a loved one. Our probate lawyers are available to help ensure that the estate of the deceased is settled and distributed accurately and in a timely manner.

We understand that for many families, probate administration may seem overwhelming to deal with at a time of loss in the family. Our clients appreciate the thoughtful and efficient way that we go about helping resolve their family members’ estates with as little hassle for the family as possible.

Following are some questions that we have been asked in the past about our probate administrative legal services. Call 888-757-1681 or contact us online to ask your own question.

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Does your law firm handle only rich people’s estates?

Not at all. Many of our clients’ deceased loved ones left estates worth $200,000 or less. Others have left millions of dollars in assets. Our services are efficient as well as thorough. We will not take shortcuts, but neither will we take unnecessary steps or waste your time. We regularly serve middle-class working clients as well as wealthier ones.

Do you handle wills, trusts or both?

Many probate cases that we handle belonged to high-asset individuals who left many or most of their assets in trusts designed to minimize estate taxes and simplify the transfer of assets after death.

Other clients’ loved ones left only a will behind — or left a pour-over will in addition to trusts. The pour-over will accounts for any assets that were not assigned to a trust, including any life or accident insurance payouts, lawsuit proceeds, income tax refunds or estate sale proceeds, to name a few examples. We can advise the family on how to administer the trusts while we handle the will in probate court.

Are you prepared to deal with a will contest? There is some disagreement in our family over the estate.

Disagreements about estates are all too common. When we represent clients in will contest situations, we offer our advice based on many years of experience working with many families. Litigation is sometimes unavoidable, and may involve third parties such as creditors or business partners. When family members gear up to fight each other in a will contest, we remind them that money can be replaced, but a brother or sister is irreplaceable. Is it truly worth it to you to fight with your brother or sister for the sake of financial gain — but to lose valuable relationships in the process?

Our family member died without a will. How do we go about settling the estate?

Dying without a will is also referred to as dying “intestate.” The state of Michigan has statutes that specifically address the administration of estates without a will. We are prepared to keep you informed and expedite the probate process for your loved one’s assets.

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Whether your loved one’s estate involves a will or no will, trusts or no trusts, contest or no contest, Schwartz Law Firm pledges to avoid unnecessary legal fees and help meet your objectives efficiently. Contact us online or call us at 888-757-1681 at our offices in Farmington Hills for a free initial consultation with an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer.