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Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is not merely physical assault, but a pattern of behaviors that includes verbal abuse, sexual assault, isolation, stalking behaviors and economic control or coercion tactics. These behaviors impact the issues of child custody and parenting time. Often the abuser can appear quite charming and sometimes even “fool” court psychologists. They are quite adept at navigating the court system and manipulating the process.

It is imperative that a family law attorney be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence, even if a physical assault has not yet occurred. A family law practitioner should be prepared to handle the subtle behaviors of the abuser and how it impacts the abused spouse, the children, and the court system.

Domestic violence involves complex behavioral issues that profoundly impact the family, and a family law attorney must be adroit in dealing with them to ensure the entry of court orders that protect both the abused spouse and the children.

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